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Top Interior Painting Trends Leading into 2020

Top Interior Painting Trends Leading into 2020

Read on to discover the top interior paint trends of 2020, and to know which paint colors will work best in which rooms throughout your home!

Bored with the way your house looks?

Need to boost the sale price but don't want to spend a ton of cash?

Did you know you can update your look and boost your home's resale value — up to 107% return on investment — in just a day? It's possible with just a few coats of paint!

Not all color schemes are equal, though. Before you pick your pallet, let's look at interior paint trends you need to know.

Dark and Moody

A big concept in paint trends right now is going dark and deep—think opaque navy, rich green, intense slate grey. These colors are not for the faint of heart. They can be louder than any neon hue and have a lot of personality.

Dark colors tend to shrink a room, though. Consider painting only one wall or accenting with lots of mirrors and reflective surfaces.


Want more muted tones?

Earthy colors are coming indoors. Mustard yellows, brick reds, mushroom grays, and all shades of brown are finding new life on interior walls. A shade of terracotta brightens up a living room, and "greige" (a gray and beige mix) can be a great neutral in the bedroom.

Blushing Pastels

Bright white will always be popular, but pastels are the new, trendy cousin to this old standby. Soft mint or blushing pink can act as neutrals or play with a room's color theme.

Think how luminous and luxurious marble or quartz looks with a hint of color.

Pastels can be edgy, too. Decorate with metallic accents or even dark colors to make them pop.

Blues Are Brand New

We mentioned navy as one of the trending interior paint colors—but blues, in general, are having a moment.

Gentle aqua, bold black-blue, and all shades between look great on every surface. If you don't want to commit to one shade, think about adding a bright blue accent wall in one place.

How to Use Interior Paint Trends

Before you grab a gallon of paint and a big brush from the corner store, here are some tips:

yellow kitchen can boost your asking price so consider the location you're painting.

Do different shades of one paint to create a theme, like going from light to dark blue throughout your home.

Try color blocking different areas with opposite colors, like pastel yellow and bright aqua.

Bold colors make a big impact, so try it on one wall if you're afraid of commitment and start small.

The important part of trying these trends?

Have fun and express yourself!

Make Over Your Home

These interior paint trends are sure to give you lots of ideas. You'll have a lot of fun being creative and giving your home an easy, affordable makeover. Whichever color you choose, take your time and do it right. If you want professional help, we're here for you.

Don't feel overwhelmed trying to carve out time to make your vision come to life. Make it easy on yourself and reach out to us for your free estimate!


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